Why the Upcoming Metal Gear Solid Movie Has to Be a Success


metal_gear_solid_1_wallpaper_2_by_quixware-d4yfk9aFor the sake of my own sanity, please Jordan Vogt-Roberts, please make your upcoming movie on Metal Gear Solid as amazing as the game series. Don’t break my heart. DON’T DO IT JORDAN VOGT-ROBERTS!

I have invested so much time and effort into hoping that someone can make a decent video game movie. We have had such gracious flops such as those awful Lara Croft films starring Angelina Jolie and not forgetting the Resident Evil movies that they keep making.

Now, from a recent interview with Digital Spy, the director, Jordan Vogt-Roberts has stated that he is a fan of MGS and that he vows to do a Metal Gear movie justice.

“It has its own unique tone, unique voice,” he said. “For Metal Gear to work, it has to be the most pure, idiosyncratic, streamlined version of the soul and the DNA of Metal Gear and Kojima’s voice, and my job now is just trying to protect that and make that be the best version.

“I will not make the wrong version of Metal Gear. You could list a million franchises but there’s no other franchise, no other big movie that I would want to make more than Metal Gear Solid.”

These are very strong words Vogt-Roberts. Please do not toy with my emotions lightly for my love affair with the Metal Gear series runs deep.


IMG_464086I will never forget the first time I played Metal Gear Solid. I had played the demo repeatedly when demo discs were a thing and couldn’t wait to get my hands on an actual copy. I must have been around nine or ten years old when I first played it and even at that young age, I knew that Metal Gear Solid was something special.

I wasted hours upon hours playing MGS, over and over again. I remember the first time a guard saw my footprints and him saying that classic line, “Who’s footprints are these?” Also, trying to beat certain parts without getting spotted, constantly dialling up the colonel on the codec, just to see if he had something different to say and that really freaky scary scene when you walk down the corridor with blood splattered all over the walls and bodies just littered everywhere. Oh, the nostalgia.

I feel in love with this game. I couldn’t believe it when I was told to look at the back of the CD case for Meryl’s codec frequency. I spent hours looking around for a bloody CD case in the game to later find out that it was actually physically, on the back of the MGS case. My mind was a blown. A thing as simple as this, breaking down the fourth wall, left me aghast and dumbfounded. The same thing happened with the boss battle of Psycho Mantis. When he made my controller rumble, telling me that I hadn’t saved in a while. I was so annoyed when the TV screen blanked out and the words displayed in the top right were HIDEO, that I actually had to reset my PlayStation a number of times before I finally realised that it was one of Hideo Kojima’s fancy tricks again. I spent so long trying to beat Psycho Mantis. Until the Colonel actually had to tell me to unplug the controller, and slot it into controller port 2, to stop Mantis from reading my mind. Now forget about Psycho Mantis’ mind for a second, my mind was physically blown! A video game was interacting with me through a dimension I had never thought possible.

IMG_464098This breaking of the fourth wall, along with such vivid characters and an intense but brilliant story line, broken up with goofy and hilarious moments, really made MGS my favourite game of all time, and the same for many of you out there. This is why the MGS movie has to be good. It has to be a bizarre world and yet totally believable at the same time. It has to be in the voice of Hideo Kojima. It has to have the serious moments balanced out with those random moments of absurd brilliance.

Now, I am not sure where this movie is going to take place in the MGS timeline. Will it be based on the first PlayStation one game? Vogt-Roberts has stated that the Cyber ninja, Grey Fox, is too good of a character to leave out. Will it start from the origins of MGS and start out with Big Boss as the hero? Or maybe, just maybe, Vogt-Roberts will go absolutely mental and go with Raiden as the lead character? (Please God no!). Or will it be a completely different storyline all together? Who knows? All I know is that it has to stay true to the MGS style and not just be another video game movie stinker.

Let’s hope that this MGS movie makes it off the ground and really captures the essence of the game. Vogt-Roberts has so much story he can play and with his passion and love for the series that he clearly has stated he has, he might just make this possibly the first game to movie success.

Oh yeah, you better have that classic Metal Gear Solid main theme song somewhere in there too, Vogt-Roberts. I’m watching you like protective older brother over his younger sister.


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